Legal stuff

Services and pricelist

we charge 20% + VAT commission on all purchases made on the site. this is deducted from the price you set on your profile, and not taken as an extra fee from the seekr.

if for example you charge £10 for a rinkl, that’s how much the seekr will pay. We’ll take £2.40 and you’ll keep £7.60. bear this in mind when choosing your rates.

everything else on the site is free and we don’t deduct charges for any other reason. we have no input in the rates you set on your profile. you can charge whatever you like.

when a seekr sends you a rinkl request, we validate their payment. then once you’ve sent your rinkl we release that payment to you, minus our commission.

in return, you can rely on us to:

  • manage and maintain to our high standards
  • provide customer support wherever and whenever you need it
  • resolve any disputes that might arise between you and any other community member
  • look after your rinkl earnings and keep all our payment systems simple and hassle free

If you have any issues sending or receiving payments, email our customer support team.