Legal stuff

Community guidelines

rinkl is more than a video messaging platform. it’s a community. and we’re committed to making this community an authentic and safe place to share knowledge, offer advice and connect with others.

with this in mind we’ve created some community guidelines. most of it’s common sense, nevertheless they’re designed to keep you and other community members happy and secure.

before setting up your profile give our community guidelines a read and make sure you understand them. we take these guidelines seriously, and we hope you do too.

nudity and sexual content

rinkl is not the place for pornographic or sexually explicit material. if you post any explicit content - even if it’s of yourself and even if it’s in a private message - we’ll remove it from the site. if you use sexual content for educational purposes, we’ll factor that in whenever we review flagged material.

harmful or dangerous content

don’t set up a profile or create any content that could be harmful or dangerous to others, or could encourage harmful or dangerous behaviour towards others. we’ll remove your content from the site and you risk having your account suspended.

hateful content

while we fully support freedom of expression, we don’t tolerate any content that promotes or condones hatred towards individuals or groups based on race; nationality; gender identity; sexual orientation or preference; beliefs; disability; veteran status; or age.

we’ll remove from the site any content that’s in clear breach of this guideline or in any other way encourages hateful speech or behaviour towards others, and you risk having your account suspended.

violent or graphic content

there’s no place for violent or graphic content on rinkl. anything showing gratuitous bodily injury or any other content designed to shock or offend in this way will be removed from the site and you risk having your account suspended.

harassment and bullying

we take any kind of online abuse, harassment, or threatening behaviour extremely seriously. cyberbullying is not just in breach of rinkl guidelines, it’s also a crime. any messages or videos containing abuse, threats, or harassment will be removed from the site and the account responsible will be suspended.

if you’re the recipient of any kind of bullying or harassment on rinkl, don’t hesitate to report it.

spam, trolling, scams, and fake or misleading profiles

don’t be the worst of the internet. don’t impersonate other creators. don’t pretend to be something or someone you’re not. don’t use rinkl to commit fraud or any other kind of illegal activity. and don’t insult or deliberately undermine other users.

if you plan to become part of the rinkl community simply to send spam, troll others, or in any other way exploit the private messaging capabilities of the platform, don’t bother. we’ll remove your content and close your account.

predatory or intrusive behaviour

any behaviour that could be interpreted as predatory, threatening, intimidating or invasive may result in your account getting permanently suspended. likewise we’ll remove from the site anything that reveals a community member’s private data, encourages violence towards a community member, or otherwise violates our terms of use.

if you’re the recipient of any such behaviour, go ahead and report it.


only upload content that you have created and that you own. don’t upload any video, audio, or written material you didn’t create unless you have permission from the person who owns the rights.

off-platform behaviour

if your behaviour away from the rinkl site harms anyone in the rinkl community - including members of staff and friends of rinkl - we’ll take action that could result in the termination of your account.